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Call Enfinger & Associates to learn more about property surveys, GIS mapping, and all of the other types of surveys we offer. Our Lancaster, SC land surveyors and professional staff will talk to you about your plans and determine the best tools to get the information you need for your building project.

Are you wondering about the cost of surveying your property? Keep in mind that many factors influence the price, including the size of your property, your location, the topography, the time of year, and the documentation you’re able to provide. Property and land surveys that are more complicated and that require several site visits will cost more than simple, straightforward surveys. However, you should always talk to a professional surveyor first before deciding which surveying company to use. The team at Enfinger & Associates will gladly walk through the process with you. We’ll even schedule a consultation at your site if necessary.

Contact the land surveyors at Enfinger & Associates in Lancaster, SC today with any questions you have about property surveys, land surveys, property boundary surveys, or any of our other services. It’s not often that you find a land surveyor near you who can handle all of these needs. Fortunately, one call to Enfinger & Associates is all it takes to get started. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and accurate results for any type of building plans. It’s our business to help you have a successful project.

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