Enfinger & Associates

Our firm is at the cutting edge of technology and development with the latest software and equipment. No matter what type of building project you’re working on, our experienced land surveyors can assist you with all of your needs.

Professional Land Surveyors In Lancaster, SC


Property Boundary Surveys

The land surveyors at Enfinger & Associates will establish property lines and corners using deeds and other records. Then we’ll take accurate measurements using the latest technology.


Site Planning

Site planning is a critical part of obtaining a building permit. Whether you want to build a new home or add on to your existing one, you’ll need this type of survey before you can proceed.

Topographic Surveys

We measure the elevation of various points on your land. Afterwards, we use this data to produce topographical maps.

Farm Surveys

Farm surveys establish the boundaries of your land. Raise your crops or livestock, build facilities for harvesting or equipment, and grow your business with confidence.