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Enfinger & Associates

is the Lancaster, SC area’s first choice for property and land surveys.
No matter what type of building project you’re working on,
our experienced land surveyors can assist you with all of your needs.

Property Boundary Surveys

The land surveyors at Enfinger & Associates will establish property lines and corners using deeds and other records. Then we’ll take accurate measurements using the latest technology.

Site Planning

Site planning is a critical part of obtaining a building permit. Whether you want to build a new home or add on to your existing one, you’ll need this type of survey before you can proceed.

Topographic Surveys

We measure the elevation of various points on your land. Afterwards, we use this data to produce topographical maps.

Farm Surveys

Farm surveys establish the boundaries of your land. Raise your crops or livestock, build facilities for harvesting or equipment, and grow your business with confidence.

About Enfinger & Associates – Lancaster, SC Surveyors

Our services listed above are just a few of the ways our Lancaster, SC surveyors help our clients. Enfinger & Associates was established by William D. Enfinger in 1972. Our regional expertise in the surveying profession spans a broad spectrum of institutional, scientific, governmental, residential and industrial clients for over 44 years.

Our business is locally owned and operated and has always been based in Lancaster. When you work with us, you’ve got two generations of the Enfinger family looking out for you. We believe in a fast, courteous and efficient service to all clients no matter how small the project may be and we deliver all of this at a reasonable price.

Every land surveyor at Enfinger & Associates holds proper registration credentials from the State of South Carolina. This means we’ve met the standards required for licensing by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. We’re also members of various professional surveying organizations. These affiliations gives us the opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with our peers, participate in continuing education programs, as well as work for the betterment of our profession. If you’re looking for land surveyors near you, look no further. Call Enfinger & Associates when you need land surveyors near you. We’re available for land surveys, property surveys, and other types of surveyring in Lancaster, SC and throughout South Carolina.